John Deere Just Blew $300M On a Tech Company That Kills Weed With AI

If you are a weed, we have some sad news.

John Deere, the farm gear company that has been pursuing self-ruling technology for over 20 years, has consented to purchase Blue River Technology, a startup that uses AI to consequently recognize and spray herbicide on weeds. The cost of a 60-man farming AI startup? $305 million.

Blue River Technology makes various farm instruments: a program accuracy weed-sprayer, a gadget that trims lettuce at scale, and software for automatons to examine crops. The company once considered utilizing a Tesla loop to destroy weeds, as indicated by Willy Pell, Blue River’s executive of new technology, which is impartially a cool thought.

John Deere’s tractors have a level of self-rule today—some can guide themselves through assistance from GPS signals, while picture sensors can decide the nature of grain amid reaping. In any case, the company says Blue River’s AI will enable future tractors to see every individual plant in crops like lettuce and cotton, two ranges Blue River has as of now displayed.

The procurement underscores the huge esteem set on AI research and development organizations as of late. Twitter notoriously paid $150 million for the 11-man Magic Pony Technology in 2016, and in an arrangement that is looking increasingly like a take, Google purchased the DeepMind research lab in 2014 for more than $500 million.

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