House Belonging to Nigerian Hijacked by Natives in South Africa


Following after the extra-judicial killing of Nigerians resident in South Africa, the Nigeria Union in South Africa has carried out a protest against the hijack of a house belonging to a Nigerian Baptist missionary in that country.

Mr Theodore Ezeunara, Chairman of the union in Johannesburg South, told newsmen on Monday, September 4, that persons claiming to be members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a political party, allegedly took over the house.

He explained that the EFF members chased away the tenants in the building and brought in new persons while all efforts by the owner of the house and the union to stop the hijacking fell on deaf ears. Ezeumara stated that the union had lodged a complaint with the police on the hijacking and trespassing on a property.

The owner of the house, who wants to remain unanimous for safety reasons, said that he bought the property in 2011.

Mr Ezeunara said –

“The house is a bungalow, comprising of four bedroom flat, two-bedroom guest house and two rooms boy quarters.

Last week, some people came to the house, claiming to be members of a political party, drove away the tenants, alleging that they (tenants) were foreigners.

It is clear that this is a case of hijacking and trespassing on a private property.”

In his part, Mr. Adetola Olubajo, President of Nigeria Union, said the case had been reported to the national secretariat of the union which will hand it over to the national legal adviser for further action.