Buhari-Led Administration Clearly Marginalizing the South-East – Sen Owie

Following the reorganization of the leadership of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) by the Federal Government which clearly marginalized the Igbos, a former Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate, Roland Owie, has come out to accuse President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration of trying to strangulate the south-east region.
The former Senate Chief Whip said that the lopsided appointments by Buhari led-government in the NNPC violate the principles of federal character hence it would make youths from the south-east region lack confidence in Nigeria’s governance structure.
Senator Owie therefore accused President Buhari’s government of being worse than the various groups issuing quit notices and counter notices to each other across the country.
He said –
“It is regrettable that we blame IPOB, Arewa youths or Niger Delta youths over threats capable of disintegrating the country but the series of appointments made by this administration even up till now have shown that the administration is worse than those issuing ultimatum to the Igbo.
We have observed a systematic plan to strangulate the South, particularly the South East in appointments, and it seems that this administration is not bothered at all which is sad.
I want to appeal to President Buhari to know that this country belongs to all the ethnic groups, he should not create problem for the North where he comes from because no matter how he sees it, he would not have become President without the support of other ethnic groups.”

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