Helen Paul Has A Word For Those Against Her Decision To Attend A C&S Church

Actress and comedian, Helen Paul, has dispelled confusions about her religious faith after she shared a video of herself worshipping at the Cherubim and Seraphim church abroad.

A few fans had come either remarking or scrutinizing the church, however, the performer cum humorist needed to dispel any confusions that it is not her church but rather cautioned that is it not about the church but rather doing what the Bible needs us to do.

A fan who had endeavored to reprimand the church composed:

“Hmmm! The church you attend matters oooo! It’s the type of vehicle you enter that will determine at what point on the journey u will end up!…… A spiritual home were Christ is not their bedrock, what then will you get from such place, If your spiritual leader is diabolic, he can’t lead anyone in such congregation to God!

But Helen who will not accept such criticism replied thus:

“do not judge. Some appears to be the perfect but they are no not. The only STANDARD to heaven is the BIBLE and not just the CHURCH. What is church ? Where you find peace and happiness also matter. Some go to church not in the mood to even greet or relate. Why? Is that where you should be?”

Here’s the photo that caused the frenzy:

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