Nigerian Federalism Skewed and Military in Nature – Lagos State

The Lagos State Government has expressed frustration over the current federal arrangement in Nigeria describing it as “skewed and military in nature,” insisting that it hinders the socioeconomic progress of the federating units.

The stand of the Lagos State Government was made known by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Tunji Bello, at the 57th annual conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) at Landmark Centre, Oniru, Lagos, yesterday.

In reference to the First Republic, he stated the Lagos State Government’s support for institutionalizing the principles of true federalism, the kind that would allow each federating unit to contribute agreed percentage of its revenue to the national government.

He said that Lagos State Government rejected a recent proposal by the National Assembly that the power to conduct local government elections be taken away from the states and added to the functions of the national electoral body controlled by the government at the centre. He also called for the review of the 1999 Constitution.