HushPuppi: KCee petitions EFCC to explore socialite.”


KCee has appealed to the Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC), to investigate HushPuppi’s dealings and research how he profits.

This is the most recent in the show resulting amongst HushPuppi and rappers, Phyno and Ice Prince. HushPuppi had called Phyno and Ice Prince two-timers in a Snapchat post on Wednesday, saying they both acquired fake extravagant watches. “In the event that you don’t need individuals to disparage pilfered duplicate of your work, don’t belittle pilfered duplicate of other’s work.#Hypocrites,” he composed on his social media account.

KCee has now jumped to the resistance of his associates and stated: “Dear Hushpuppi, We are artists, not homeless people. Who precisely do you think you are to open your mouth and affront an artist that sweats day and night in the studio?

“You have no validity, no known source of income but then you went ahead on social media to assault persevering Nigerian artists with traceable riches. “Let’s be honest, I think we’ve had enough of this rubbish and insolence [from] you. Truly, What do you accomplish as a profession, what is your ability, how could you profit, what brand do you represent? “I will willingly volunteer to raise a petition against you. We need to know your source of salary since you now have the nerves to go ahead on social media and call out a brand.

“Who is your dad, Are you OBO [Davido], are you an assessable Nigerian. We have to begin making inquiries and the EFCC needs to start putting their ears to the ground.


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