UFC Fighter Tim Hague Dies At 33

Tim Hague, the previous UFC contender known as “The Thrashing Machine,” passed on Sunday, two days after he was fundamentally harmed when he was thumped out in a fight against previous Edmonton Eskimos cautious end Adam Braidwood.

Hague’s sister, Jackie Neil, reported the passing in a family articulation.

“It is with mind boggling bitterness, distress and catastrophe to report that Tim has passed away today,” the announcement said. “He was encompassed by family, listening to his most favorite songs. We will miss him with so significantly.”

The match Friday night at the Shaw Conference Center was advanced by KO Boxing.

The 33-year-old Hague, who experienced childhood with a ranch in Boyle, Alberta, was a heavyweight prepared in jiu-jitsu. He was 21-13 as an MMA contender before changing to boxing the previous summer.