Norway To Ban Islamic Face Veil In Schools

Norway is currently proposing to ban Islamic veils like niqab, burqas, balaclavas as well as other forms of full-face masks from its schools.

The Norwegian Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said in a statement that the reason for the proposed ban is because those full-face coverings hinder communication between students and teachers which he said is important for students to receive a good education

Authorities said that the ban targeting nurseries, schools would not affect headscarves, hats and caps could continue to be worn.

It is not surprising that there is massive support for the proposed ban across political parties and civil society groups especially in the face of growing Islamic terrorism in Europe. The the bill for the ban is widely expected to pass next year.

The Islamic Council of Norway, a Muslim group, had earlier in the year taken a controversial move by hiring a communications officer who wore niqab; a pointer to possible incursion of Anti-Western and radical Islamic elements currently ravaging Europe, into the Norway.