Northern Elders Support their Youths’ Quit Notice to Igbo in the North

The spokesperson of the Northern Elders’ Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi has expressed support for the Arewa youth groups that have recently issued a threat to Igbo in the North to vacate the area before 1st October. He also expressed disappointment with the Northern Governors Forum for their condemnation of the Arewa youth groups for issuing such a threat.

Ango Abdullahi in a media interaction with the media this Friday, asked where the Northern Governors were when the Igbo are agitating for a separate State of Biafra maintaining that anybody who does not want to be a part of the country should quit.

He expressed great anger at the widespread belief especially from the south that the north has been feeding fat on the resources of their region while contributing nothing to the fold. For him, that is one source of tremendous annoyance while another is the call for Biafra’s Independence.

The Northern Elders’ Spokesman argued in line with the northern youth groups that since Igbos want to be a country of their own, they should leave the north.

Commentators among the general public especially in the south have asked that if the north has not been parasitic and living off the resources from the South and contributing nothing, as has been the case with the allocation of resources to states from Abuja, why are northern elements so furious about the civil and peaceful demand for an Independent State of Biafra?