New York Police Dragged By Stolen Car, Critically Injured

A New York City casually dressed cop figured out how to shoot his service gun even as he was being dragged by a driver in a stolen auto for more than two city squares, striking one of the inhabitants in the vehicle, police said Sunday.

Officer Dalsh Veve was hospitalized in a very critical condition after the dragging, which occurred around midnight Saturday in Brooklyn. New York Police Division Chief James O’Neill said Veve and different officers had reacted to the scene in the wake of getting calls of shots discharged, which were resolved to be firecrackers.

O’Neill said Veve, 35, was addressing the tenants of a Honda packed by the side of a fire hydrant when different officers saw him being dragged down the road by the auto. He tumbled to the road several pieces away, and the auto slammed a short separation away and was deserted by the general population inside.

O’Neill said a 15-year-old accepted to have been in the auto came into a clinic not long after with a gunfire wound and was in an ill condition. Two other individuals were being addressed in police care.

Police said the auto had as of late been stolen on Long Island. Veve has been a part of the NYPD for a long time and is the hitched father of a 2-year-old girl.