Oki-Ari Market, 3 story building collapses, 2 dead

A 3 story house locate at Aladja Street at the popular Oki-Ari Market at the Lagos Island has collapsed claiming the lives a 5-year-old girl and an adult. According to the Lagos State Building Agency, the building collapsed while renovation work was being carried out on it by the owners.

According to the Lagos State Building Agency, the owners of the property had been warned by the agency that the building was heavily distressed and should better be pulled down instead of carrying out any renovation on it. The agency cited structural defects, lack of good reinforcement on the building, as well as the unsuitability of the grounds therein to effectively carry such structure.

However, the owners of the property disregarded the agency’s directive and commenced the renovation only for the structure to collapse.

Emergency agencies have since deployed to the site for rescue and relief operation with current reports quoting residents as saying that there might be more bodies trapped under the rubble.