Implement the National Conference report’ – Jonathan

Speaking during the Rivers State Golden Jubilee Anniversary Lecture in Port Harcourt yesterday, Former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, called for the implementation of the National Conference report. He said that implementing the report of the conference organized by his administration would not only help solve the many problems facing the nation but also set Nigeria on a path of sustainable development.

The former president called for reforms that would ensure that more resources gets to the states rather than  federal government intervention agencies which are always bugged down with politics. He said that the Niger Delta states have attained more development since they started accessing the 13 per cent derivation as against when the interventionist agencies dictated the pace with only abandoned projects scattered all over the place to show for it.

Former President Jonathan praised the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, whom he said is working hard to take the state to enviable heights.

He said: “In PDP, we believe that our federation needs to be fixed. We will ensure reforms in a manner that every federating unit will know that they will not be abandoned. “

At the lecture proper titled ‘Democracy and Development in Nigeria: The Case of Rivers State’, Prof Godini Darah strongly advocated resource ownership for the Niger Delta for justice and even development in the region and in the country at large.