Lagos Madness: Eyo Masquerades in Free-for-all Fight

Typical of brazen madness Lagos can at times be associated with, the just concluded Eyo masquerade festival ended in a bizarre note. Guess what; the masquerades engaged themselves in free-for-all fight stabbing, cudgeling, punching, and cursing themselves. A good number of the masquerades sustained varying degrees of injuries, some had their costumes completely torn from their bodies. It was indeed a very disgraceful sight to behold.

The festival which took place last Saturday started on a bad note as heavy downpour almost stopped the proceedings before they even got underway.

Concerned members of the public have called on the state government to put measures in place to false stall a future occurrence if the festivals are to continue going forward. Some have even advocated that the festival be banned completely in order not to jeopardize the lives and property of residents.