The Genuine Story Behind The Sudden demise of Moji Olaiya

Moji Olaiya is a Nollywood on-screen character who passed on May 17 at age 42 due to conceivable intricacies from her child-birth in a hospital in Canada.

Troubled, upset, disheartened were the words that could best portray the looks on the characteristics of numerous guests who overwhelmed the Magodo home of Nollywood performing artist, Moji Olaiya.

Her senior sibling Otunba Olaiya who addressed NET said the Moji’s passing was generally surprising. ‘When I addressed her a couple days back, she didn’t give indications of death. She never grumbled about anything. This is truly lamentable’, he said.

Olaiya’s maid Mrs Keji, who portrayed herself as a dear companion of the deceased uncovered points of interest of the performing artist’s sudden passing to us.

As per her, over the most recent three days before she passed away; the performing artist had put a few calls from her base in Canada to grumble of ‘feeling awkward’.

‘Her infant was conceived untimely, her EDD was for May 2017 however complexities emerged that required that she be incited to spare the infant’s life and additionally hers. However, since the conveyance in Spring, her wellbeing had not been precisely great’.

Mrs Keji further said that around 10pm local time (3am Nigerian time) she went into an emergency. ‘Her pulse shot up and she got oblivious. An emergency vehicle was called to transport her to the doctor’s facility. In any case, her case intensified and she gave up the ghost before they could make it to the healing facility.’

Keji who couldn’t keep down tears proceeded with, ‘Moji couldn’t state farewell to us, she didn’t give us a chance to hold her child, where will her mom begin from? Her demise came too soon, I trust this was not conventional. This resembles an otherworldly assault.’

Her 20-year old little girl, Adunola was noticeably insane and must be kept down by companions who were around to comfort her. The Babcock College understudy was then taken into an internal room as her shouts kept on rising.

Moji Olaiya’s newborn child little girl however is said to be in care of her companion with whom she was remaining in Canada. It is uncertain what will happen to the two month old. Olaiya’s association with the father of the baby, just called ‘Mr Femi’ is foggy as there as hints that he is as yet hitched to another person.

The 42 year old’s demise precisely two years to the passing of her more youthful sibling Abidemi Olaiya who also passed on May 4 2015.

Her senior sibling Otunba, however disclosed to us that the family had not educated their patriarch, renowned highlife muscian Dr Victor Olaiya.

‘As you probably are aware, Baba is old and it is never something to be thankful for children to die before their parents. We don’t know how he will take it. We must be truly watchful, yet we are heading off to his house in Aguda later tonight,’ he said.

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