Nigerian Lady of the hour dumbs husband to be at the Altar And Here’s The reason

A Nigerian lady of the hour, Bunmi who left her husband to be hanging at the altar to the suprise of her family in 2015 has clarified why she did it.

As per her, she was pressurized by her family into tolerating his engagement proposition and everything exploded in her face when she found she couldn’t quit crying on her big day.

She said she was 30 years of age and her relatives forced her into saying yes when he proposed. She enjoyed the person however insufficient to wed him and requested that her family give her time yet they cannot.

Securing herself in the restroom and in the end isolating the family as some upheld her, while her own particular father was against it, Bunmi in the long run educated her significant other to be, through a telephone call, that the marriage was scratched off while he was sitting tight for her at the church altar.

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