Blackface Declines To Apologize To Tuface in-spite of ongoing lawsuit

Blackface has responded to the letter sent by Tuface Idibia’s legal counselors to him, requesting that he apologizes within seven days for all the defamatory articulations he has made against him and his administrator, Efe Omorege, or be dragged to court.

2face in the letter dated May fifth, approached Blackface to apologize for blaming him for melody robbery, undermine, music eminences misrepresentation among others.

Blackface, in a past meeting with LIB, claimed that 2face stole his tune, Let Someone love You, and that his legal advisors had as of now documented a claim against 2face and his administrator, Mr Omorege

Talking only to LIB today, Blackface says he has gotten the letter from 2face’s legal counselor however pledges never to apologize.

He said:

“They sent me that letter some days prior requesting that I apologize. Rastaman apologizes to no man. Rasta will never apologize to them since they are loaded with insidiousness and fuckery so they ought to go to hellfire and anything they need to do they ought to do however I realize that my legal counselors ought to have served them as of now. What am I apologizing for? Some individual takes your music and after that you apologize? Is that without a doubt? They are truly playing with themselves and I think the director is placing him in a bad position. They know they are stuck in an unfortunate situation. They took a legal counselor from Oshodi scaffold to compose something for them who does not know how to measure the case and recognize what to try and compose. Absence of education is around them. They are insane. They don’t recognize what they are doing “

Proceeding with what he said

“The proof is there that they sang my melody and another person distributed it. It is my melody another person distributed it. I am not actually discussing African woman at this moment. I am discussing let someone love you. That tune shouldn’t have been discharged without my consent since it is my tune. The director went to distribute my tune. I don’t recognize what sort of nonsense they are doing in light of the fact that they are industry hooligans. They are ransacking the business of lots of things. That is exactly what they are doing”

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