7 Stunning Things Lanre Gentry Uncovered About His Marriage To Mercy Aigbe

Spouse to Nigerian on-screen character and film chief, Mercy Aigbe, Lanre Gentry has opened up on the present emergency in his marriage expressing that most men would not endure what his significant other has done to him in the previous 7 years they have been hitched.

In an elite meeting with BON, Larry Gentry uncovered some stunning disclosures.

See beneath:

1 Lanre guaranteed mercy has mental issues and they have been to many places so she can stay stable with papers to demonstrate his cases.

2 He likewise unveiled that as opposed to the news that made the rounds that he beat her up, it was mercy that ganged up with her companions in her architect, Luminee’s Home, to assault him. He guaranteed that while the others beat him, his better half hit him hard with a stool.

3 The businessman supposedly summoned scriptural curses on himself and swore that he had never beaten mercy, in spite of the way that he saw her few times with various men. He referred to a case of when she said that she was going to China for 2 weeks however rather, went to a Dubai lodging with a man. .

4 To additionally demonstrate his point, Larry indicated BON distinctive whatsapp discussions and a specific one where mercy was requesting that an outsider get a few dollars from the man for her. When he stood up to his significant other, she admitted to just needing to gather cash from him yet he later found that it was a similar man that paid for the Magodo house she simply moved to.

5 Lanre Nobility claims what mercy’s needs is to be allowed to carry on with the life of a solitary lady and no man can endure from any lady what he had continued in years.

6 He asserted to have loved her and has kept N8m at benefit motors to get her a N16m Range Rover Evoque for her 40th birthday celebration. He additionally said to have paid another N1.2m for a lobby inverse Sheraton hotel to praise her huge.

7 Larry additionally uncovered that mercy has no respect for her folks, referring to a case of a year ago when her father fainted while on the line to get his annuity and was hurried to the healing center.

Also, after mercy was educated, she lied that she was in Calabar and till now, had not gone to see the old man. He guaranteed that he was the one that went there and spent about N180k adding that since she declined to deal with her mother, he put the old lady on a compensation of N25k every month

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