Surfer saved after over 30 hours in water

A surfer has been found and saved after over 30 hours in the water.

Matthew Bryce, 22, had been absent since around 9am on Sunday in the St Catherine’s zone of Argyll, accepted to make a beeline for Westport Shoreline close Campbeltown.  Mr Bryce, who is from Glasgow, was found by the Coastguard 13 miles from the Argyll drift on Monday evening.

A representative for the Ulster Healing facility in Dundonald has revealed to Sky News he is in a steady condition.  First light Petrie, who coordinated the inquiry at Belfast Coastguard Operations Center, stated: “Expectation was blurring of finding the surfer protected and well after such a long stretch in the water and with dusk moving toward we were gravely concerned.

“In any case, at 7.30pm the team on the Coastguard safeguard helicopter were enchanted when they found the man still with his surf board and 13 miles off the drift. “He was kited out with all the correct attire, including a thick neoprene suit, and this more likely than not helped him to get by for so long adrift.  “He is hypothermic yet cognizant and has been transported to a healing center in Belfast.”

Boss Monitor Paul Robertson stated: “It has been a genuine collaboration and I might want to thank everybody who offered their help.”

The UK Coastguard said it needed to caution seaside users “to be set up before you go out on the water or at the drift where conditions can change rapidly”.  A representative included: “Tell somebody where you are going and take a fitting methods for bringing the caution up in a crisis.”